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The Best Insurance CRM System Is the One That Turns Leads into Clients

EZLynx Sales Center™ helps insurance agents grow their business by managing and providing more visibility into their sales pipeline. With this tailor-made lead management tool for the insurance industry, you can get the most out of new leads to sell more effectively and close more deals. And because EZLynx has innovative tools for the complete customer lifecycle, you’ll be able to leverage the priceless prospect and customer data in your agency management system every step of the way. It’s what makes EZLynx the best CRM software for so many insurance agencies.

Key Benefits

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    Improved Pipeline Management

    Sales dashboards allow you to quickly see close ratios for producers and deal aging, and assess your entire sales process to make informed decisions.

  • Superior Insurance Sales Experience

    Industry-leading customer relationship management software streamlines the sales experience for your entire staff. No more need for cumbersome spreadsheets and multiple systems. Manage all your opportunities and follow-ups from a single platform.

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    Maximize Your Producers’ Time

    The right CRM solution should keep next steps in focus for every opportunity so sales teams always know where time can be spent most productively. Workflow automation takes action in prescribed ways, keeping your clients engaged and focused.

  • More Successful Prospecting & Lead Generation

    Leverage lead list import integrations to bolster your prospecting efforts. Market to and qualify these prospects prior to moving them into your sales pipeline.


Latest Feature

Agency Insights Integration with Automation Center

Agency Insights for Sales Center already automatically generated prospects from your quote data and book of business. But now, as Agency Insights identifies leads, you can leverage EZLynx Automation Center™ to contact the prospect and kick off the sales process to increase the number, velocity, quality, and success of your cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Product Features

  • Streamline Your Agency’s Sales Pipeline

    Sales Center is focused on growing your business by streamlining the agency’s sales pipeline. From identifying missed sales opportunities to servicing existing customers, EZLynx’s single platform helps you manage the entire customer lifecycle, round accounts, and increase new business.

  • Easily Access Data

    With easy access to pipeline data and relevant information, your sales managers can assess the success of their producers and workflows. Get visibility into every aspect of your sales process with all your information available in one place.

  • Forecast Sales

    Quote information from EZLynx fills into Sales Center to provide you with the estimated value of each deal. As it moves through the pipeline, the estimated value becomes more accurate. Follow each producer to make sure they are on target to hit sales goals and maximize agency revenue.

  • Track & Manage Sales Tasks

    Sales Center is part of the EZLynx Management System™, so all your data is in one place. Track and manage opportunities, sales, quoting, customer management, and renewal management, all in one intuitive system.

  • Agency Insights for Sales Center

    Agency Insights® for Sales Center automatically generates potential prospects from your quote data and book of business, giving you the information needed to recapture, win, and cross-sell opportunities before the X-Date. This data mining helps your agency capitalize on the information already in your management system.


Do You Want More Visibility into Your Sales Pipeline?

Never miss an opportunity to win more sales with EZLynx Sales Center.