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Get Real-Time Quotes from Hundreds of Carriers

EZLynx has been a pioneer in personal lines quoting for over two decades, and it’s only improved with age. EZLynx Rating Engine™ is an easy-to-use comparative rater that lets independent insurance agents get real-time personal lines quotes from hundreds of carriers across 48 states on any device. Cross-carrier personal lines quoting has never been simpler.

For insurance agencies eager to grow their businesses in new and exciting ways, the EZLynx Connect® marketplace provides cross-sell opportunities for previously unavailable markets to agents. To keep it simple, these third-party products automatically display as you quote a Home or Auto policy. Our trusted vendor provider partnerships mean your agency can make more money with your existing client base.

Key Benefits

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    Carrier Access

    Instantly link to more than 330 insurance carriers across the US for real-time quoting.

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    Quick & Easy Quoting

    Enter the applicant’s information once to generate quotes from multiple carriers for Auto, Home and Dwelling Fire.

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    Streamlined Renewals

    Customers can securely update their risk information online before re-quoting, which streamlines renewals.

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    Simple Setup

    Integrates with over 20 agency management systems and compatible lead-generators.

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    Protects Customers

    Quickly deliver premium and coverage options via email with a secure connection for customer safety.

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    Increased Productivity

    Prefill and save quote templates with common answers, producer codes, and underwriting information.

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    Effortless Data Entry

    Save time during quoting by pulling driver and vehicle data from sources like LexisNexis® and Fenris.

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    Protects Agents

    A 100% cloud-based system records and stores all user activities so you can avoid E&O claims.


Latest Feature

Quote By Text

Texting has become the preferred method of communication for so many. Attract today’s texting-savvy consumers by offering Quote By Text. This new quote touchpoint meets those insurance shoppers where they are.

A simple text message initiates the selling process. From there, Quote By Text engages with the consumer until enough information is gathered for the system to provide a quote. Straightforward prompts and responses make the entire process easy and familiar.

  • Attract insurance shoppers who prefer the ease, convenience, and simplicity of text-based quoting.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition and win more business.

Product Features

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    Real-Time Quoting

    Single data entry for multi-carrier submissions modernizes the quoting process. Producers can rate, bind, issue policies from carrier websites, and store ACORD forms. EZLynx continues to innovate comparative rating because insurance shoppers expect more from their agent.

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    Carrier Defaults & Pre-Fill

    EZLynx makes it faster to navigate carrier-specific fields throughout the quoting process by displaying the fields you need and hiding the ones you don’t. In the background, these hidden fields are intelligently prefilled by EZLynx.

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    Graph View for Quote Results

    Visually compares quote results in just seconds. Color cues make it simple to differentiate Auto and Home results and to combine quotes from the same carrier.

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    Applicant / Co-Applicant Switch

    Swap the Applicant and Co-Applicant with a single click! No more reentering data to quote the same household under a different applicant.

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    Google Maps Integration

    EZLynx’s Google Maps integration makes it easier than ever to find addresses. The system automates address validation with USPS, so you can be sure the information is accurate.

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    Accuracy Check-Ins

    The system continuously checks for missing or invalid information throughout the quoting process to save time and worry. You’re notified of any discrepancies as sections of the application are completed.


View Our Carrier Rating Guide

Search lines of business and consumer quoting availability by carrier and state.

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Rating Software – An EZGuide for Purchasing the Right One for Your Agency

With so many comparative raters on the markets – all with different functionality – it can be hard to find the right rater for your insurance agency. Read our EZGuide now to learn everything you need to know before purchasing the perfect comparative rater for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A comparative rater is a SEMCI, or single-entry multiple-company interface. That means it’s software that takes information (in this case customer data) and sends it to companies (insurers and vendors) to generate information (quotes) from multiple sources, all without requiring reentry of the original information. After a rater delivers quotes from a wide range of carriers, an agency’s clients can compare those quotes to see which coverage option best meets their needs.

Definitely. Insurance raters help agents work faster by providing a platform in which they only have to key in client information once to get quotes from multiple carriers across the country. For instance, when agents input customer information, EZLynx Rating Engine gives them access to quotes from hundreds of insurance carriers in 48 states. EZLynx also offers pre-fill and auto-fill for important client details, saving agents additional time by eliminating the need for re-entry.

EZLynx Rating Engine quotes are generated in real time, so independent agents can be sure that they’re as up-to-date and accurate as the initial customer information submitted into the system. To ensure that the submitted client info is correct, EZLynx uses specially designed workflows to bring agents more precise results, automatically searching for and identifying incorrect or incomplete inputs and letting agents know about these inconsistencies before the data is submitted. Quote Templates for carrier defaults or specific coverage scenarios also help ensure that agents are inputting and receiving the most consistent results possible.

Yes! Our commercial lines comparative rating system, Tarmika™, gives you the widest array of quotes across states and regions as well as in smaller more specialized markets. Tarmika is the industry’s leading commercial lines rater, offering access to a wide range of carriers without requiring agents to waste time with duplicate data entry. Tarmika also integrates seamlessly with EZLynx so you can access your commercial lines business without toggling back and forth between different systems.

Yes. EZLynx Rating Engine offers access to the most complete inventory of carriers, with 330 carriers across 48 states. The intuitive EZLynx rating workflow is filled with time-saving features so that agents can get more quotes faster, and the 100% cloud-based PL rating software gives agents a sleek mobile-optimized interface that they can access anywhere, anytime and on any device. For agencies looking to expand their business, EZLynx Connect® Marketplace also offers cross-sell opportunities in markets that weren’t available to your agency before.

The EZLynx Management System integrates with personal lines and commercial lines rating and quoting tools to make accessing markets quicker and growing your book across more lines of business easier.