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Take Your Customer Retention Strategy to the Next Level

Retention Center® is a powerful software solution to help your insurance agency keep your customer retention rate high through patented workflow automation and analytics. With Retention Center, independent insurance agents can stay ahead of and streamline renewals by implementing a comprehensive, proactive retention process at scale across your entire agency. Reduce churn rates and increase customer satisfaction by using tools to prioritize at-risk policies, summarize premium-bearing changes, and leverage automation to touch 100% of renewals.

Key Benefits

  • Focused Strategy

    Become proactive in your agency’s customer relationship management and retention process to review every policyholder’s account at renewal.

  • Improved Customer Service

    Communicate with every client before the renewal to reinforce your agency’s value, deliver a superior customer experience and foster long-term relationships. Customer acquisition costs will always be higher than retaining existing clients, so it pays to invest in customer loyalty.

  • Greater Productivity

    Use new technology and functionality to make conducting and managing the renewal process easy, without increasing staff.

  • Expedite Remarketing

    Rapidly update customer data and submit insurance policy quotes with the policy sync feature.

  • Expand Insight into Every Policy Renewal

    View a summary of premium-bearing changes between the insured’s current policy and the carrier’s renewal. Dig deeper with a side-by-side comparison of the two policies and all the pertinent differences highlighted.

  • Boost Revenue

    Increase your bottom line. In the insurance industry, each additional point of retention corresponds to a specific dollar amount parallel to your agency’s total commissions.


Latest Feature

Automated Renewal Quoting

Keep more business at renewal time with automated remarketing for at-risk clients.

Automated Renewal Quoting automatically retrieves remarketed rates for at-risk renewals and displays them alongside the renewing policy details. Streamline the remarketing workflow by automatically quoting the risk with alternate carriers, eliminating up to 15 minutes of manual effort with every renewal. That’s huge!

Product Features

  • A Single, Focused Client Retention Interface

    All the tools you need to investigate, proactively communicate, streamline workflows, and manage renewals in one place.

  • Integration with EZLynx Automation Center™

    Use automation to conduct and manage the renewal process without increasing staff.

  • Predictive Analytic Models

    Identify which clients are most at risk with predictive analytics, so you can prioritize customer needs and touchpoints.

  • Policy Comparison and Premium Change Summaries

    Instantly compare current and renewal policies to identify any changes in coverage or premium pricing.


Are You Ready for a Winning Retention Strategy?

Increase your retention by touching 100% of renewals with EZLynx Retention Center.