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Optimize Insurance Business Workflows with Process Automation

Automate your agency’s workflows to boost productivity and your bottom line. EZLynx Automation Center™ automates important but repetitious tasks and business processes so insurance agents have more time to focus on revenue-generating activities. Use it to take advantage of more sales opportunities, improve follow-up, reduce human error from manual data entry, and even automate email campaigns. Automation Center also establishes best practice workflows and ensures that these practices are followed each and every time across your insurance operations.

Key Benefits

  • Automate Tasks

    Automate task creation and email campaigns based on download transactions and other types of events in EZLynx to establish best practices across your insurance workflows.

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    Save Time & Increase Productivity

    Let EZLynx manage your agency’s most repetitive and time-consuming tasks and workflows. Process automation frees up your staff to focus on more important revenue-generating activities and the customer experience.

  • Grow Your Business

    Never miss an opportunity to win back a former customer or upsell existing policyholders during renewals.

  • Improve Follow-Up

    Make sure your CSRs and producers remember to review and follow up on insurance policy changes that come in through download.

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    Stay Compliant

    Ensure that the necessary touchpoints and follow-up tasks are in place to guarantee regulatory compliance with your insurance company partners.


Latest Feature

Automate Google Reviews and Referrals

Google reviews and client referrals are key ingredients to growing your agency, but manually prompting your customers to make them is time-consuming. To streamline the process, you can now use Automation Center to automate requests for Google reviews after designated trigger events.

Product Features

  • Automated Communication

    Stay in touch with timely, automated communication. Automation Center will immediately return any time your staff invests in monitoring client milestones with a set-it-and-forget-it approach for the personal touches that mean so much to your clients – like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings – and send emails.

  • Simple-To-Use Workflow Editor

    The Workflow Editor walks you through setting up intelligent automation workflows for common scenarios in your agency. Offload the tasks that software performs faster and more dependably.

  • Event-Based Automation Triggers

    Automation Center installs best practices across your agency. In some cases, the software is touching the customer for you. In others, the software takes on the heavy lifting of process management and assuring accountability among your staff.

  • Workflow Preview

    The Workflow Preview updates in real time as you select Triggers, add Filters, and assign the appropriate Actions. Automation Center explains exactly what your automated workflow will do in easy-to-understand sentences.


Do You Want to Accomplish More, Faster?

Automate simple tasks to focus on growth goals with EZLynx Automation Center.