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We recognize the responsibility you are taking – choosing technology to power your business is a big decision.

Everything we do – everything that makes EZLynx different – is focused on giving you even more than you thought you would get from us when you made that decision. From day 1, we want to make sure you know you made the right one. Technology decisions are not short-term things. When you decide to partner with us, you are deciding that we are not only the best solution for you now; but that we will continue to be in the future.


We have an eye on long-term innovation.

EZLynx is the same innovative, customer-first company it’s always been. We are the people who brought the industry real-time rating in a single platform, integration between that rating tool and the management system, and management system features like EZLynx Retention CenterTM that nobody else has. Our team is continuously working hard at our foundation for innovation so that we can tackle the challenges – that are only growing and getting harder – for your business. As we look to the future, we think you’ll feel that not only will our pace of innovation accelerate, but the problems we’ll solve will become more impactful.

We are backed by strong owners with an independent focus.

More than a couple of years ago, EZLynx joined the Applied family. While there was initial market skepticism on the future of EZLynx amidst Applied’s already extensive product portfolio, EZLynx has been firmly established as the second core product pillar in Applied’s long-term strategy. And we are better for being owned by Applied, which has been good on its word to invest in EZLynx. 

  • Technology

    New product offerings leverage industry-leading technology made possible by Applied’s partnership with Google. Looking to the future, EZLynx expects to benefit from investments Applied is making in AI.

  • Integrations

    Our integrations with Applied’s broader technology portfolio, like commercial lines quoting capabilities of Tarmika™ and digital payments like Applied Pay®, are built natively and differentiate our core capabilities beyond what others offer.

  • Financially

    We are investing more in the EZLynx product than we ever have before. We are growing our technology team by almost 20% to accelerate the innovation we put on our customers’ desks.

  • Team

    Every day, our people feel the impact of the growing and strengthening “One Applied” team – partnering to understand best practices to make customers successful using our products while keeping the unique EZ culture and heartbeat as strong as ever.


With all this investment, we still have to focus on serving the unique and evolving needs of the start-up and growing agencies while not being distracted by the needs of all agencies of different sizes.


We create a community of success.

Our industry is a people business, and creating a community of users is something we are very dedicated to. From working closely with the majority of the network alliances to creating a community of power users with our Client Network, we are committed to your success. None of that is a replacement for building a delightful-to-use product, and every product roadmap decision we make as we look to the future is being evaluated for whether or not it makes the product better and easier to use.


We’ve walked in your shoes – and are obsessed with being a “part” of your team.

Many of our employees have lived the life of an independent agent. Whether a CSR quoting a new policy or servicing a claim to a producer looking to grow their book, we have lived your highs and lows and thought of ways to make your daily lives easier. Combine that industry knowledge with powerhouse tech. Well, now you have a team passionate about making a difference – for you. Our team wakes up every day to be your most productive employee. We know that every hour counts and any day spent away from the business matters, so we have built a culture of people who want to make sure tech works in a way that is easy to use while being exhaustive enough so that you know we have your back every step of the way. Plus, we like to have a little fun – and we think you do too.


Join the thousands of successful agencies who have chosen to make EZLynx their most productive employee.