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Seamless Quoting for the Independent Agent

We know commercial lines quoting can be time-consuming and clunky, but today’s modern technology changes this narrative. Tarmika™, the industry’s leading commercial lines quoting tool, integrates with EZLynx, meaning you can access a broader range of markets while eliminating duplicate data entry and increasing quote accuracy.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline the Quoting Process

    Submit commercial lines policies to multiple carriers within a single submission. Application data is prefilled to Tarmika from the management system, eliminating the need to rekey.

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    Create Organizational Productivity

    Stay in your EZLynx workflow to manage commercial quoting without leaving the system.

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    Simplify Commercial Submissions with Quote Comparisons

    Get quote comparisons, dynamic carrier selection options, and ACORD form generation to make your commercial quoting as simple as possible.

  • Grow Your Commercial Business

    Access a wide range of markets through Tarmika, integrated with EZLynx, to provide greater choice for your clients.

  • Efficiently Remarket

    Prefill Tarmika with existing policy data from EZLynx to eliminate rekeying when retrieving rates from new carriers.

Product Features

  • Dynamic Question Sets

    Duplicate carrier questions are removed from the flow and remapped, allowing agents only to answer a single query once.

  • Quotes Reserved in the Market

    With the EZLynx and Tarmika integration, you can reserve your quote in the market and communicate with your underwriter without leaving your quoting workflow.

  • Coverage Comparisons

    This tool gives a snapshot of commercial coverage comparisons to help determine the right product and premium.

  • Embedded Insurance Option

    The insured-facing tool allows consumers to enter their own quoting data to return real-time rates, creating a simpler, more connected commercial lines quoting experience.


Are You Ready for Seamless Commercial Quoting?

Find a better way to quote commercial lines with Tarmika.