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The Insurance Industry’s Most Versatile Digital Payments Platform

Give your clients a superior payment experience with Applied Pay®, the insurance industry’s most versatile digital payments platform. Applied Pay provides a safe, convenient way for insureds to pay their premiums online from any device and integrates seamlessly with EZLynx. Collecting premiums should never be the most challenging part of what you do. Supercharge your collection process today with Applied Pay, and reduce the effort, errors and liability associated with agency bill pay.

Key Benefits

  • Repurpose Accounting Tasks

    With automated workflows, days spent sending payment due date notifications and reconciling transactions back to core agency management systems are over. Instead, spend that time doing tasks that bring greater ROI to your agency.

  • Cut Costs and Realize Profits Quicker

    Shorten collection time, reduce check processing tasks, and speed up deposits. Automated accounts receivable reconciliation reduces workload inefficiencies and eliminates the need for specialized personnel to manage payments.

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    Standardize All Payments Data into One Place

    Gain insight into all agency bill data by viewing digital payment transactions in one place. Through Applied Pay’s Agency Portal, see transactions in real time. Offer refunds, send receipts, and issue notifications, from one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

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    Reduce E&O and Increase Security and Compliance

    Improve efficiency by reducing errors and omissions that occur with manual input. Operate stress-free knowing your data processing complies with both PCI and NACHA regulations. Safegaurd against fraud with state-of-the-art security measures.


Latest Feature

Additional Applied Pay Reconciliations in EZLynx Agency Accounting

Building on the Applied Pay-EZLynx Agency Accounting™ integration, we’ve added account reconciliation of Applied Pay payment reversals and voided transactions.

Automated reconciliation means you don’t have to manually process these transactions twice, once in the Applied Pay portal and then again in Accounting, reducing the need for low-value back-office tasks.

Product Features

  • Payment Flexibility

    Equipped with flexible payment options, including ACH, Credit and Debit cards, Applied Pay gives your customers the power to pay how they choose. It also offers powerful features like next-day funding, split funding into multiple accounts, paying multiple invoices at once, and the option to set up recurring payments.

  • Product Integration

    Built with robust, scalable APIs that integrate fully with the EZLynx platform and process payments fast and efficiently.

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Easy-to-use dashboards let you access the right data at the right time. Real-time snapshots of all your payment transactions as they occur appear in the admin portal, helping to safeguard against policy lapses and defaults in coverage.

  • Compliance

    The securitization and tokenization of sensitive data reduces liability for agencies and handles PCI and NACHA compliance. Because sensitive information is protected, Applied Pay helps you remain compliant while accepting digital payments.

  • Expedited Settlement

    Accounts receivable process automation simplifies and speeds up premium collection and reduces internal workloads, so you can settle your payments fast and drive a more profitable book of business.

  • Hosted Payments Page

    The payment checkout page is secure, highly intuitive and hosted on your agency’s website. With a unique URL branded to your agency, your clients can pay their premiums safely and easily.

  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliation

    Invoices are tagged within the system and sent to payees for payment. When payment is complete, the system then returns the transaction status back to the invoice and automatically reconciles.


Do You Want a Modern Way for Your Customers to Pay?

Simplify and streamline your payment processes with Applied Pay.