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An All-in-One AMS for Independent Insurance Agents

Maximize your agency’s potential with our easy-to-use, all-in-one cloud-based management solution. EZLynx Management System™ comes complete with intuitive tools for agency management and automation, retention, policy management, personal lines rating, commercial lines submissions, eSignature, email marketing, text messaging, online client self-servicing, and so much more. Streamline daily tasks with automated workflows and easily access customer quotes, policies, claims, and documents in one organized place. Let EZLynx insurance software be your most productive employee, so you can focus on selling, servicing and growing your agency to drive the best results.

Key Benefits

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    Improve Productivity

    Use one system to manage new applications, quote, create proposals, and complete ACORD forms and certificates without the pain of managing paper and rekeying data into different software tools.

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    Simplify Insurance Agency Management

    Multi-tasking and collaboration tools are built-in to streamline day-to-day activities between various roles at your agency. Reports and dashboards provide high-level views of activities and completion rates for tasks so you quickly know where to focus staff time. Commission tools simplify the tracking and management of payments.

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    Increase Profitability

    Streamlining and automating repetitive activities lowers your operating costs while giving you the time to focus on selling. Integrated personal lines and commercial lines rating and quoting tools make accessing markets quicker and growing your book across more lines of business easier.

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    Enhance Your Winning Value Proposition

    Stay competitive with an omnichannel approach for policy issuance and servicing. A robust set of communication and self-servicing tools allows your customers to get service their way.


Latest Feature

Performance Goals

Data insights to help you better manage your agency’s performance and growth metrics. Allows you to set agency growth targets, measure progress in visible ways, and track goals to completion. Its intuitive dashboard displays the exact goals your team should focus on each day. Goals can be set up as absolute increases, percentage increases, or target numbers to be reached in three key business areas: policies in force, annualized, and written premium.

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Product Features

  • Accounting

    Premium trust accounting accurately tracks your income, receivables, and payables, all integrated with the management system. Track commissions and producer payments for both direct and agency bill.
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  • Automation Center

    Automates repetitive tasks that software can perform faster and more effectively, so your agency can get more done and consistently deliver richer customer experiences. Lets you set up automated workflows for common scenarios in your insurance agency. Select what should happen when a workflow is triggered (using defined filters and appropriate actions), and then let EZLynx take care of the rest.
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  • Client Center

    Differentiates your agency with online customer self-service. Through this customer portal, clients can access policies, generate certificates, submit change requests, view ID Cards, follow claims, share documents and more from anywhere, anytime.
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  • Communication Center

    Lets you connect with clients more effectively, and includes solutions for email, text (including MMS), eSignature, Outlook®/Office® 365 integration, and even postal mail. Expand your reach and drive more new business with targeted and timely email marketing campaigns.
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  • Reporting & Analytics

    Provides a 360° view of your agency’s metrics, so you can make more data-driven decisions. A monthly report called Agency Pulse® highlights key data and trends for your agency and its growth. Peer benchmarking highlights the growth and profitability metrics of your agency and compares them with those of peer agencies.
    Product Details

  • Retention Center

    A single, focused user interface with all the tools you need to investigate, proactively communicate, and manage renewals with your insureds. Patented predictive analytic risk models identify which clients are most at risk and calls them to your attention, including a summary of premium-bearing changes between the insured’s current policy and the carrier’s renewal offer.
    Product Details

  • Sales Center

    A sales pipeline management and CRM tool tailor-made for the insurance business, helps your agency stay focused on each opportunity – and the next steps needed to close the deal. Agency Insights® for Sales Center automatically generates potential prospects from your quote data and book of business, giving you the information needed to recapture, win, and cross-sell opportunities before the X-Date.
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  • Submission Center

    Centralizes your commercial lines submission workflows with guided workflows to help you through every step of the process from submit to bind. Product and appetite guidance helps improve your commercial submission outcomes.
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Put Our Management System in Your Pocket

The EZLynx Mobile dashboard is your hub for staying productive and keeping connected to your management system when you’re away from the office. At a glance, see where you stand with your upcoming and overdue tasks. Find client details in seconds using the same quick search feature you’ve come to love in EZLynx desktop. Plus, you’ll have access to those client policy details, quotes, activity log, and documents. You can even bring up their address on your native mobile map apps and upload photos right from your camera!


How to Find the Right Management System: An EZGuide

Agency management systems are the backbone of any agency and are essential technology for independent insurance agents. Because it is so crucial for an agency’s success, there are a many options on the market.

To help simplify the selection process, we have developed a buying guide that explains what agency management systems are, the benefits of a good system for your agency, and a checklist to assist you while shopping for your tech stack.

To ensure you make an informed decision before purchasing a management system for your business, read our EZGuide.

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Migrate Your Agency Data in Weeks, Not Months

Switching insurance management systems doesn’t have to be a painful process. If you’re feeling trapped by your outdated, overpriced system but are worried about converting your data to EZLynx, don’t be.

Frequently Asked Questions

An agency management system or AMS is a SaaS (software as a service) application. With core functionality like insurance policy management, accounting, integrated rating, real-time quoting, sales automation, reporting and more, agency management systems help independent insurance agents organize their books of business and more effectively run their businesses.

By using innovative insurtech software solutions, independent agencies can manage the complete, end-to-end customer lifecycle. This includes delivering enhanced customer service and communication that meets customer experience expectations, automating and streamlining processes, retaining customers, winning new business, and using data to help improve operations.

Insurance customer relationship management (CRM) is primarily aimed at managing the relationships between an insurance agency and its customers. The typical features of insurance CRM include lead management, customer profiling, marketing automation, and sales tracking. These features are designed to increase workflow efficiency and streamline the automation of sales and marketing processes. However, it's noteworthy to mention that insurance CRMs usually do not integrate with insurance companies or third-party applications.

On the other hand, insurance agency management systems manage all aspects of an insurance agency's business operations. The features are far more comprehensive than those in CRMs, including policy management such as rating, quoting, sales, servicing, and renewals. They also excel at handling billing and payments processing, and commission tracking, and provide robust reporting and analytics tools. Workflow automation is taken a step further in the AMS, covering policy management, claims processing, marketing and sales, quoting, accounting, payments, self-service, retention, cross-selling, reporting, renewals, and more.

Plus, it's worth noting that, unlike CRMs, agency management systems integrate seamlessly with carrier systems and other third-party applications, depending on the AMS vendor.

Learn more about how CRM software and insurance agency management software differ.

The best insurance agency management systems empower agents to:

  • Manage all lines of business in a single application.

  • Improve and streamline sales processes.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Effectively communicate and market to customers and prospects.

  • Improve efficiency by automating business processes.

  • Increase customer retention.

  • Provide insights for data-driven decision-making.

Learn more about how agency management systems benefit insurance agents.

When insurance agents use an agency management software solution, their customers benefit in the following ways:

  • Enhanced customer service. When all policyholder information is organized in one place, agents can respond quickly and accurately to customers and prospects.

  • Faster processing time. Automation of repetitive tasks that software performs faster and more effectively allows agencies to deliver richer customer experiences.

  • Easy access to policy information. An online customer portal allows clients to access policies, generate certificates, submit change requests, view ID Cards, follow claims, share documents and more from anywhere, anytime, no mobile app needed.

  • Improved client communications. Integrated communication tools, such as messaging and email features, enable smooth and consistent communication between the agents and customers.


EZLynx has all the tools you need to sell, service, and grow your agency — anywhere, anytime, on any device. For agencies of all sizes, including those just starting out, EZLynx can help you be more competitive and drive greater business results.

EZLynx is a cloud-based, all-in-one agency management system, complete with intuitive tools for agency management and automation, retention, commercial submissions, eSignature, email marketing, text messaging, online client self-servicing, performance management and so much more.

As your book of business grows, it becomes increasingly important that agency management software enhances your daily workflows. A more streamlined and productive day for your agency means a better client experience and more time spent by your staff on revenue-generating activities.

Combined with EZLynx Rating Engine, EZLynx Management System is the industry-leading all-in-one agency solution for managing every stage of the insurance customer lifecycle — from marketing, quoting, binding, claims, payments, servicing, and back to renewals.

EZLynx Connect helps agencies scale through innovative hardware and software solutions. This marketplace provides third-party vendors with an opportunity to distribute their products and services directly within the EZLynx platform.

We’ve opened the EZLynx framework and invited carriers & vendors to work side-by-side with our technologists to innovate and integrate solutions that better the agency workflow.

Integration categories include:

  • Automation
  • Communications
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Customer engagement
  • Financial
  • Lead generation
  • Rating pre-fill

For more information, visit the EZLynx Connect Partners page.

Yes! Unlike other management systems that function only as a repository of what has already been done in your agency, EZLynx anticipates and suggests what to do next, and will even automate these steps for your agency. Industry-leading agency automation multiplies the impact of your staff. Get more done in less time by automating sales, retention, servicing and client engagement across your entire agency.
Yes! EZLynx provides innovative insurance software that streamlines agency workflows and manages the end-to-end policy lifecycle. Integrated into one platform, EZLynx Management System is designed to meet the unique needs of new and fast-growing agencies with an easy-to-use interface that takes care of doing the work for you. From real-time home and auto quoting on your insurance agency website to email marketing, pipeline management, reporting, AI, and more, EZLynx has the integrated solution for you.