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McKinney, TX


13 Years

As an EZLynx Customer

Company Facts

Personal lines: 70%
Commercial lines: 30%


A fully integrated solution that delivers fast results and data insights

Mauceri Bynum Insurance has always aimed to deliver the best and fastest service to their clients, but before they transitioned to EZLynx Management System™, switching between unintegrated systems for rating versus other tasks was slowing them down. Once the agency migrated management tasks to EZLynx, staff were able to easily access data for new and current clients, to leverage data into useful insights about performance, and to deliver results quickly and efficiently with the fully integrated EZLynx Rating Engine™ and EZLynx Management System.

[With EZLynx] My staff were now able to go ahead and toggle back and forth between new business and current clients. Everything got streamlined and our ability to really manage the data and manage the business side of our agency became so much easier. I mean, that sounds like an oxymoron. EZLynx is easy.

Al Mauceri

Founder of Mauceri Bynum Insurance

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